7 Important Points For a Great Logo Design

Why is it so important to have a great logo to represent your business and products?

The aim of the game is to ultimately convey your brand in the best possible form and manner. With that point said, you really don’t want to give it too much space on your website to take away all the attention away form the actual message. Just devote enough space to tell your audience what you represent. The message should be simple but powerful at the same time.

That is one of the greatest challenge to creating the ultimate logo design – to be able to create a postive and a winning impact within the space you have allocated as a designer.  The following 7 points are general in nature that you may need to consider to have a logo that draws success!

1. Research is the best place to start for effective logo design

The first place to start is to research your idea for the logo. It is best that you do this rather than make the mistake of rushing into creating the logo design.

Everything about the company and what it represents, it objectives and mission statement is a good place to start to do your research. Study the customer base and who it appeals to in order to plan for the logo design.

2. Be Simple, striking and memorable Logo Design

Simple logo design is always a better option to being cluttered or fanciful. Simplicity has a potential to be recognised quicker and associated with your company.

Complex and too fancy a logo design will have a tendency to confuse customers. The aim of a logo design is to make it remember-able together with the ability to send a positive aura to the viewer.

3. Use Readable Fonts that promote readability in your Logo Design

Note that fonts can alter the message within the logo design. What works for content is not always suitable for logo design. Using the wrong font can make it unreadable.

We shy away from using classy fonts in logo design, this kind of logos prevent customers from remembering you. A logo design needs to be easy on the eye, not sharp and not dull too.

4. Proper use of Color That Represents Your Business in Logo Design

Color can be a motivating factor when it comes to selecting the right one for your business logo.

The psychological aspect of each color and a combination can have a profound affect on people.

Creating logo design with complementary colors is the ideal way to making it represent your message.  Sometimes it can take tens or even hundreds of revisions before a great logo design emerges. Color plays a big role in determining how it represents you and your business.

5. Best Logo Designs are those that are Clutter Free

Simplistic logo designs with the right combination of color and font tend to be more powerful. So, don’t make the mistake of cramming too much information in your logo design.

Too much information is a logo is overwhelming and will not register in the minds of your customers. Many times cluttered log designs tend to the message and your brand.

6. Be Unique and Attractive with Your Logo Design

It is a subtle art coming up with the perfect logo design. You want to have an attractive power over your viewers perception, just enough to grab their attention without forcing your audience over.

We as humans are an attention seeking species, we want to be noticed all the time. It is like that with logos. We want to grab the attention just enough to lock them into thinking about the logo and what it represents, how it connects with you and your services/products.

7. Consider Multiple Logo Designs for Offsite Use Too

Don’t settle for one design. Sometimes it is best to invest on multiple logo designers to bring out their version of what you seek. Rather than invest a fortune on one design why not spread the funds with multiple designers.

Although a visual web logo may end up looking great but, you need to ensure that it works on other environments and material too!  So, make sure that your logo designs are flexible enough and works to create a lasting impact on any medium like the company website(s), promotional material, product wrappers and even large wall signs.  All of these need to be functional enough to help the company brand to stand out.